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​Internet for business from KronaLink

​Internet for business from KronaLink is gaining popularity in the Republic of Tatarstan. Choosing a prudent business owner in favor of an economical and completely unlimited Internet from KronaLink is always the right choice. All these words are proved by the next installation in one of the industrial districts of the Republic of Tatarstan. A lightweight version of a satellite dish with a 3G/4G signal amplifier is mounted on the roof of the office building. Such a plate will withstand any gusts of wind, because its windage is minimized due to special technological holes on the entire surface. A sort of colander. At the same time, this type of equipment is not inferior in technical characteristics to its "poppet" counterpart, made of solid sheet metal, perfectly focusing the cellular signal from the nearest towers. After the installation of the equipment, KronaLink specialists started setting up the router and achieved a stable speed of 87 MB/s. It is worth recalling that the Internet from KronaLink is absolutely unlimited and has no speed limits and limits. By ordering the Internet from us, you can be completely sure that the mobile operator will not limit your actions in any way on the Internet. A pleasant bonus for all KronaLink customers will be a lifetime service. You can order the installation of equipment to enhance the 3G/4G cellular signal through the website or by phone number. Our consultation is free, your choice in favor of high-speed Internet is obvious.