KronaLink | Krona Link - Internet for the urban environment.
Krona Link - Internet for the urban environment.

Another photo report from another object in the city of Kazan. Internet from KronaLink is not only the Internet for a cottage or a private house, it is also a full-fledged Internet for use in the city, whether it is an apartment or an office space. On the roof of a ten-storey building in the city of Kazan, a 3G/4G signal amplifier is comfortably located. Independence is another advantage of satellite Internet. Lifetime unlimited internet connection. Often, Internet service providers change the terms of their tariffs. For example, understating the speed when a certain traffic threshold is exceeded. With Krona Link, you can forget about any restrictions. Satellite Internet from KronaLink is comfortable to use, both far from the city, where other telecom operators are not available, and in an urban environment.